About Us

Muddy River's proprietary dissolved air flotation system provides more efficient separation than commonly used  floatation systems.

Micro bubbles approaching one micron in size are generated under pressure then released to lift even the most delicate floc.

Corporate Profile

Muddy River is actively involved in research, development and manufacturing of innovative water and wastewater treatment methods and equipment.

Located in South-West British Columbia, Canada, Muddy River Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures dissolved air flotation equipment (Micro Air Separation System - MASS), oil/water separators, mixer/aerators and provides various types of hydrocyclones, as well as multi-media and GAC filters.

The Water Industry

Water, one of mankind's most precious commodities, covers approximately 70% of the Earth's surface. 97% of water is saltwater and 3% is freshwater of which 2% is locked away in glaciers, icebergs and snow with the remaining 1% accessible for human consumption.

Muddy River Products

Muddy River Technologies uses proprietary technologies sold under the following brand names:

  • Liquid Skimmer
  • Micro Air Separation System (MASS)-Dissolved Air Flotation,
    including retro-fits
  • Ozone MASS (High Efficiency Disinfection/Pressurized Oxidation Process)
  • BlendAir (Aerator/Mixer)
  • Oil/water Separators (both floating and on land)